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Episode 1 – “My Bully”

Victoria takes her first walk into the magical forest behind her house, and quickly realizes that she is in a very special place. She meets Zandor the Wise who helps her to understand why she is being bullied, and ways to resolve the situation. Victoria’s whole attitude towards life changes the instant she realized that she has some control over her life.
Shelby McDonald
“Victoria Baker”

Barry Hart
“Zandor the Wise”

William Tokarsky
“Gruff the Troll”

Jay Peterson
“The Giant”

Tiree Worley
“Michael The Bully”

Craig S. Murphy
“Josh Baker”

Jackie Goldston
“Marie Baker”
Lory Cox
“Mrs. Patricia Watts”

Tim Everett
“Bus Driver William Begbie”

Hunter Flanagan
“Hunter Spence”

Logan Gatza
“Jacob Baker”

Nancy Lee Hayward
“Principal Roberts”

Scott McDonald
“Coach Alan Smith”

Tressie Lynell Polk
“Jessica Laskey”

Bryn Vale
“Tabitha Lynn”

Laney Ward
“Jessie Heart”